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Milan, ritirare la 22 di Kakà

Facebook community “Milan, ritirare la 22 di Kakà/Milan, retire Kaka’s number 22” - feel free to join :) Thank you!

Siamo supplicando a Milan per ritirare il numero 22, che appartiene alla Kakà. Egli ha giocato 7 anni per il Milan e ha lasciato un segno importante nella storia del club. Merita di avere il numero 22 ritirata.


We plead Milan to retire the jersey number 22, which belongs to Kakà. Kaka has played 7 years for Milan and left a significant mark in the history of the club. He deserves to have the number 22 withdrawn.

Come on, everybody!!

Football Hotties

Girls, you think only Ronaldo and Messi are handsome? We are here to prove you wrong! :P

So far we’ve got Debuchy, Lovren, Azpilicueta, Kacaniklic, Etheridge, Hummels, Schar and Marchisio. The blog is constantly being updated, so stay tuned! 

P.S: Any suggestion?

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